Preview of the New Pad

Preview of the New Pad

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Here’s a few pics of our new pad here in Matagalpa. The place is still under some lingering renovations from the owners, so every morning a couple of dudes show up to work in the and then leave in the afternoon. We’ve inflicted them with many ad hoc requests that they’ve executed with no complaint, such as adding a hot water shower head, painting over a weird Winnie the Pooh picture on the wall, and tolerating Levi as he “watches them work” which really means “totally getting in the way all the time”.

The place came unfurnished, so we are, bit by bit, collecting chunks of furniture. We’re hardly done, but figured we’re close enough to snap some pics. Check them out below. I’ve added descriptions too!

When the place is more complete I’ll do a snazzy House Hunters International-style video walkthrough. Ooh La La!

We got this couch, a love seat, and a chair for half price directly from the manufacturer.
More of the sweet deal living room furniture.
The couch!
Today we had cable and Internet installed. Since we don’t yet have a TV this setup looks pretty damn sad and lonely.
In the bedrooms we’re still living out of suitcases. We should be getting some dressers or something soon.
Levi lives out of a suitcase too. This is the bed got him back in Granada.
I finally have a home office / studio! Just today we set this up. For a long time this table and four chairs were all we had in the house. We kept them up front in the living room / entry way.
This is the laundry station. We have a lady who comes by twice a week to do laundry here by hand for us. She is awesome.
We opted for just a stove top to save money, and because we never really used an oven much, anyway, unless making casseroles for holiday events. We got a slow cooker too.
Our friend Sergio and his wife got a new refrigerator. When they delivered his, he had them bring their old one to us. It’s practically new.
Another view of the kitchen. It’s lacking surface area, but we’ll be getting a table in here soon.
This is the hallway looking from the kitchen to the living room / entry way. On the right is an area where we could plant an indoor garden. There’s no ceiling above it. We’ll probably load it with potted plants.


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