Jogging Pictures

Life Photography
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (at least) I jog down La Calzada from our house to the lake and back. Today I slowed down to a walk a ...
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We Made Shelves

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’re already quite aware that we are awesome at making things. For instance, the awesome BBQ grill we made. ...
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The Nicaragua National Zoo

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IMAGE GALLERY BELOW… We took a bus ride to the Nicaragua National Zoo today. It’s a great little, well-maintained zoo populated mostly by rescue animals. In addition to ...
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We Got Caught in the Rain

Rain on La Calzada in Granada, Nicaragua
Life Tips & Tricks
We decided to take the dog and the kid to the big park by Lake Nicaragua today. It’s not too far so we walked. It’s about 15 minutes ...
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A Bunch of Random Pictures

Woman Balancing Stuff on Head Granada, Nicaragua
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Here’s a bunch of random pictures for you to stare at! ...
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Dia de Los Muertos Party

Dia de Los Muertos Granada, Nicaragua
Events Life
After a short stop at our friends Karina and Shane’s newly opened tapas bar, Bocadillos, we headed over to a Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ...
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We’ve Moved Three Times in Three Months

Life Places Video
We’ve been here just short of three months and we’ve already moved three times. Luckily every place we’ve moved into has been furnished, so it’s not like it ...
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