• Weather in Granada, Nicaragua

      One complaint I hear a lot from people visiting Granada is that it is so damn hot here. Obviously these people are not from Texas. The highs typically top out around the low to mid ...

  • A Bunch of Random Pictures

    Here’s a bunch of random pictures for you to stare at! ...

  • Adventures in Buying a Scooter: Day 1

    We’ve decided to buy a scooter. Although we can get anywhere and do anything by walking, riding our bike, or taking taxis (mostly just walking, though) there are times when it would be beneficial to get ...

  • We Took a Bus to Managua

    Today we took a bus ride to Managua to hit up the mall there for some art supplies the wife needed. Though a new experience for me, the wife had taken a bus to Managua several ...

  • Adventures in Buying a Scooter: Day 2

    Brief recap: We were all set to meet a nurse in Masaya to buy a scooter but then had to reschedule at the last minute because she got in a non-scooter related wreck. Now begins Day ...

Merida, Mexico: Day 1

As I sit here on Day 2 of our trip to Merida trying to gather ...

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Merida Photography Places

We Indiana Jones-ed Our Way Through the Uxmal Mayan Ruins

Just like Indiana Jones (except without the whip, gun, leather jacket in 95+ degree heat, and rugged good looks) we travelled a long, ...
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Food Merida

Taqueria La Lupita

This is from my TripAdvisor review. Below that are some extra bonus words! We had 14 tacos, a bowl of beans, and a ...
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Life Merida

Merida, Mexico: Day 1

As I sit here on Day 2 of our trip to Merida trying to gather my thoughts for writing an article about Day ...
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Merida, Mexico. Colorful Merida sign in Plaza Grande. San Ildefonso cathedral in the evening. Mexican flag flutters on air.
Life Places

We’re Heading to Mérida, Mexico

Coming soon for a limited time only: For two weeks in June the name of this blog will be changed to Gringo in ...
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Do Not Buy my New Gringo in Granada BOOK!

Everything in the book can be found right here on this website and with pictures and the occasional video to boot. In a fit ...
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Life Places

Visiting San Juan del Sur

Despite living in Nicaragua last year, we never made it to San Juan del Sur. But we are here now! Yesterday was our ...
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Food Places

Tip Top Chicken: Nicaragua’s Delicious Version of Chic-fil-A

Tip Top Chicken is a prevalent fast food chain in Nicaragua that sells chicken in various culinary forms. By various I mean grilled ...
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The Monkey Hut at Laguna de Apoyo

We spent a couple of hours out at The Monkey Hut on Lake Apoyo in the Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. The lake ...
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Food Life

El Camello Revisited

I’m not really much of a “food blogger” since I’m not a pretentious snot, but I figured I should post these images of ...
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