Taqueria La Lupita

Taqueria La Lupita

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This is from my TripAdvisor review. Below that are some extra bonus words!

We had 14 tacos, a bowl of beans, and a Coke for the kid for $11. Let that sink in. $11 USD! I honestly don’t understand why we’ll eat anywhere else over the next 12 days of our trip. Sure, it’s an amazing value ($11…!) but SO flavorful as well. Here’s an itemized breakdown of the tacos we had…ahem:

8 Tacos de Pavo (Turkey tacos with fresh tomato and cucumber)

4 Tacos de Carne Asada

2 Tacos de Relleno Negro (Tacos with turkey, ground pork, hard boiled egg, and a crushed chili paste that makes it all black…it looks funky but tastes amazing. Give it a shot!)


Taqueria La Lupita is located in the Mercado de Santiago near Parque Santiago. This park is only a few blocks from our rental house so we are there often. We’ve since been back for another lunch. Below are a few more images of things we put in our bodies and were very satisfied with.

Pepino con Limon (Cucumber with Lemon)
Tacos de Pavo Asada (Turkey Tacos)
Tacos de Carne Asada (Grilled Meat Tacos…I think it’s pork.)

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  1. Pics are so fantastic,love reading your blog

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