Tip Top Chicken: Nicaragua’s Delicious Version of Chic-fil-A

Tip Top Chicken: Nicaragua’s Delicious Version of Chic-fil-A

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Tip Top Chicken is a prevalent fast food chain in Nicaragua that sells chicken in various culinary forms. By various I mean grilled or fried. It is essentially, their version of a Chic-fil-A although it tastes nothing like Chic-fil-A. Really, I guess, the only resemblance is that they sell chicken. Okay, so my title to this post sucks, then.

The chicken here is very good as fast food goes. I much prefer it to KFC. They offer “fajitas” which is basically fried chicken fingers, grilled chicken and even whole or half rotisserie chicken. The sides available are tortillas – which are surprisingly good for a fast food establishment – french fries, re-fried black beans, and as more of a condiment than a side, “Creole Salad” which is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else. It’s a sort of salsa with a heavy onion base. Very tasty, indeed.

They also offer a wide variety of deserts ranging from ice cream to tres leches cake to even CUATRO leches cake! That’s an entire additional damn leches! And all of this stuff they will deliver, assuming you can successfully communicate a Nicaraguan “address” to them.

Speedy Tip Top delivery motorcycles.
Speedy Tip Top delivery motorcycles.

Uncommon to fast food establishments in the U.S., if you are going to eat there, you don’t order at the counter like some bloated sow sidling up to a slop trough. You have a seat and a waiter or waitress takes your order as if you were a human being with some self respect and dignity for once in your life.

For their full menu CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!

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I lived in Granada, Nicaragua for a while with my wife and kid. Now I don't. But we like to get back there whenever we can, unless we go somewhere else.

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  1. Love your blog. I’m an expat too living in Managua. Keep up the good work with the blog.

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