Pizzeria Don Luca

Pizzeria Don Luca

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Comping on pizza.

Location:  Calle La Calzada. From the cathedral, 2 blocks to Lake 

Calle La CalzadaThis is going to be a groundbreaking post for your friendly neighborhood gringo. Instead of writing about a place after the fact, I’m going to write about a place while I’m here experiencing it! How’s that for a good use of modern technology?

I’m currently sitting in Pizzeria Don Luca looking out at La Calzada for a very late lunch at around 3:00 in the afternoon. I just ordered a vegetarian pizza. I had wanted some sort of pasta dish, but was informed that right now they are only doing pizzas. I guess the full menu doesn’t take effect until dinner time. Originally I had wanted to go to Nectar for their jalapeno chicken, but I somehow passed it up and by the time I realized it I was already in front of Pizzeria Don Luca.

My pizza is here! I’m eating it:

Chomping on pizza at Pizzeria Don Luca
Chomping on pizza.

The pizza is alright. It has black and green olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and some other squash type think I can’t identify. It’s good, but it’s hard to make a veggie pizza bad. I mean, it’s just vegetables and cheese on crust. How do you screw that up?

I’m actually eating this pizza with a knife and fork. I’m sure the people around me must think I’m a total d-bag for doing so. I kinda feel like one. But since I have my laptop out I don’t want to go wash my hands. So I’ll just sit here and eat this pizza like a food snob. I gotta say it does feel weird eating a pizza with a knife and fork. My body is clumsily rejecting the process. I keep dropping it all over the place. Honestly, this is simply not how pizza should be eaten. It’s like drinking a hamburger…it defies all logic and common sense. Well I’m done wrestling this thing into my mouth with knife and fork. It was a good pizza, but not the best I’ve had here, by which I mean both here at Pizzeria Don Luca and Granada in general.

This makes for my third pizza here. These guys are good at pizza, but I rank them #3 behind Tele Pizza and Monna Lisa, who wage a never ending battle for the #1 position in my head.

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