La Posada Rotiseria

La Posada Rotiseria

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Pollo la Plancha...effing yummy.

If you want some fantastico pollo in Matagalpa I highly recommend La Posada Rotiseria. It’s off the beaten path, and a long time local favorite; not a place at all overrun with tourists, of which there are few in Matagalpa anyway.

Levi got fried chicken. This fried chicken was REAL fried chicken. It looked like it had been fried in a well-seasoned, 50-year-old kettle with the same grease used to fry the previous day’s worth of fried chicken. It was not fast food KFC by a long shot.

Levi chowing on fried chicken at La Posada.
Levi chowing on fried chicken at La Posada.

Roberta and I both got Pollo de la Plancha which was…well I don’t want to get wordy…it was the best chicken we’ve had in Nicaragua since we got here four months ago.

Pollo la Plancha...effing yummy.
Pollo de la Plancha…effing yummy.

La Posada is a very old “mom and pop” place. Much of it is furnished with plastic lawn furniture. The men’s room utilizes a trough (you guys know what I mean) and a broken toilet that doesn’t flush, but they’ve provided a work around for this. Between the trough and the toilet is a barrel of water and a bucket. You can use a bucket of water to flush the toilet or wash out the trough. Outside the men’s room is the sink.

Naturally, the staff were remarkably attentive and helpful. The restaurant was full of families boisterously enjoying their Sunday lunches. Across from us sat an older couple, whom Levi engaged with. The old man – who had apparently consumed not only a plate of fried chicken but two grande Toña beers – signaled to me that he liked Levi’s Mohawk by drawing one on his own scalp with his fingers then giving me a thumbs up and a wink.

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I lived in Granada, Nicaragua for a while with my wife and kid. Now I don't. But we like to get back there whenever we can, unless we go somewhere else.

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  1. La Posada is great! As a Matagalpan, I grew up eating it as a kid and every time I visit Nicaragua I have to have their fried chicken. I still remember when it was like 45 cordobas to get the whole fried chicken meal with rice and salad. How much is it now?


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