We Hung Out With the Neighbors

We Hung Out With the Neighbors

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Our neighbor lectures Levi on the benefits of recycling.

We’ve been in this current house for over a month now, and while we’ve met our neighbors in passing, we’ve never really hung out with them until last night. We sat out on the sidewalk in front of our houses until well after midnight drinking and talking and generally having a good time.

He is a Costa Rican artist and tour guide entrepreneur and she is an American yoga instructor at Pure Spa here in Granada. It is pretty weird that even after hanging out for hours last night and having a great time, I still have no idea what their names are.

Levi really hit it off with the guy. In fact, they’ve sort of been buds for a while. Levi always grabs his attention when he’s walking past our gate and they end up high-fiving and trading fist bumps. He’s a very cool dude, indeed, I really found out last night.

The picture below is of him explaining to Levi the benefits of recycling the juice box Levi had (that he bought for him) and how recycling now means Levi might be able to travel in a spaceship within his lifetime. Yeah, a bit of a fanciful sales pitch, but it worked on Levi. He woke up this morning with the SAME drink box asking when he could turn it into a spaceship.

He took me up to his studio at one point and showed me some of his paintings. They are really amazing. I wish I’d had my camera then, but I didn’t.

Our neighbor lectures Levi on the benefits of recycling.
Our neighbor lectures Levi on the benefits of recycling.

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I lived in Granada, Nicaragua for a while with my wife and kid. Now I don't. But we like to get back there whenever we can, unless we go somewhere else.

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  1. I am looking for a painting above our new fireplace! I want to see them!

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