Holy Bat Batman!

Holy Bat Batman!

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Last night I got up to the use the restroom. When done I went around the other area where the sink is to wash my hands. The sink for the bathroom is actually just behind the bathroom in an upstairs balcony that overlooks our patio. There was enough moonlight that I didn’t bother turning on the light. When I turned on the tap something in the sink moved. I jumped back.

Cautiously I leaned forward to get a peek at what it as. I could not tell, but it looked like a frog. I switched on the light and saw that this mystery creature was no frog, but a small bat. The water was still running but I sure as hell wasn’t going to reach over this bat to turn it off.

I found the double bladed light saber we’d made out of PVC pipe for my kid’s Halloween costume (Darth Maul) and used it to turn the knob, cutting the water off. I left the bat in the sink figuring it had just stopped by to drink some water from the drain and would then fly off.

I woke up a few more times during the night and checked to see if the bat was still there. It was, and it became pretty obvious to me that the little guy was injured and not doing well.

Baby Bat in Sink Granada, Nicaragua
Awwww…poor little guy!

By morning the bat was dead. We weren’t exactly sure what to do with it. Do you just throw a dead bat in the trash? Or is this something you call animal control for? We figured our landlord would know so we called him.

He came over and I took him to the bat. He said it was a baby fruit bat that lived on fruit and mosquitoes and had probably either been attacked by a cat or simply fallen because it couldn’t fly good yet. He scooped it up in a plastic bag and took it out of the house for us.

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I lived in Granada, Nicaragua for a while with my wife and kid. Now I don't. But we like to get back there whenever we can, unless we go somewhere else.

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