Can’t Turn off Netflix Subtitles on PS3

Can’t Turn off Netflix Subtitles on PS3

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One minor annoyance I’ve yet to find a solution for is that our Netflix account assumes we are Nicaraguan, so it automatically subtitles everything we watch in Spanish. As you can imagine, this is pretty distracting…especially since we can’t even read Spanish yet.

What makes this even more obnoxious is that Netflix – at least on PS3 – offers no way to turn subtitles off! You can change the language the subtitles are in from one non-English thing to another non-English thing, or in many cases you can change the audio so that it’s actually overdubbed in your local region, but there is no “off” option for either one. Either you listen to the movie in Spanish, your watch it in English with gigantic Spanish subtitles.

I may have found a hacky little fix to this, though, thanks to…where everything cool and useful is found, by the way. It’s from user iAmTheLemon and goes something like this:

I know this is old, but I discovered a work around for this. So here is what you do. If you select the native language of the country for the audio, so for example in mexico, most titles have the option for the audio to be played dubbed in spanish. If you switch the audio to spanish an option comes up to turn off the subtitles. So, switch the audio to the countries native language and make sure to let it reload with the new audio THEN switch it back to ENGLISH audio, and THEN while it is reloading with the new audio, quickly switch it back to the countries native language and turn off the subtitles. If you switch it before the load completes the audio will play in English and you will be able to disable the subtitles because the audio selection is set to the native language. I do this on my Xbox. I would assume it would work on other devices as well. Hope this helps.

You can read the entire thread RIGHT HERE if you like. I haven’t tried this yet, as I have literally just found it while having my morning coffee, but as soon as I do I’ll  update this post with the results.

UPDATE: So far I have not been able to get this technique to work.

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